Takadanobaba AREA Set list + Next Live + New song

Hello Koakumachan!!
How are you today? Today SS had a concert @ Takadanobaba AREA, this is the set list


Directly from Jin's blog

Z on his blog wrote the lyrics of the new song, I want to translate it but it will take time, please be patient I will translate it as soon as possible!!

The second press of RAIMEI will be available at the next live, if you don't live in Japan and you want to buy it you can do it on CDJapan http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/DCS-120933

here the information for the next live

■2015 Dec. 7 (Mon) Ikebukuro CYBER
[Dark Ambition Exposed vol.22]
Starwave Records presents

〔ADV/DAY〕¥3500/¥4000(+ Drink)
〔Performer〕SHAPE SHIFTER(Guest) / Synk;yet / Dead Children(Guest) / Misaruka / StellaCrow / La'veil MizeriA / UNDER FALL JUSTICE / MALISEND / .NesT / GURIGULA

■A:e+ (ticket release date 2015 Sep 19 (Sat)10:00)

■B:Same-day ticket

※Band Rereservation not available

【Entrance order】
Reference number order

[Info] CYBER:03-3985-5844

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