Shape Shifter live report and Coupling tour with Misaruka

Hello Hello Koakuma!

What's up? The other day I went to SHAPE SHIFTER live in Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST. It was an event with many groups and all of them are really good.


They played two new songs, one of them doesn't have a title yet but the second one is called 鳥籠の中で (torikago no naka de - Inside a birdcage)
I am really bad in describing song but I will try XD the first song is like.... do you know the kind of rock-metal songs that makes you do headbanging?It's that kind of song (I told you I am really bad in describing song... ), really different from the songs that we heard until now. The second song is more... calm but is not a ballad or a relaxing song, more like... Doukei i think...
I am so sorry I am trying to describe you the songs but I really can't do it, I deeply apologize! XD
They had the Demon outfit.
Unfortunately Z had a cold and he had to stop a couple of times in some of the songs because the voice didn't come out! I felt so sorry for him but he just laughed and kept singing! he danced and had so much fun on stage. Takuya is always a smiling during the live and this is something that I really like in an artist! Obviously they are all really amazing musicians!

I just noticed on their official website that they just added some new lives. They will have a coupling tour this summer with Misaruka, the last live will be at the club aim in Ebisu and it will be a two man, also they will sell a collaboration cd, that they will sell during the tour only at their lives, also at the final date in Ebisu they will have a photography event and for each dates at the end of the live there will be a session band with the SS and Misaruka together.

I will write more information about it when I will have time to translate everything!

Next live is

April 6th(We)Shinsaibashi paradigm
心斎橋月下雷鳴 (Shinsaibashi Gekka Raimei)

〔ADV/DAY〕¥3000/¥3500(+ Drink)

If you need any other info feel free to ask

See you soon
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