Next live + Tour with THE EGOIST

Hello Koakuma!
I will upload today's concert set-list when I'll find it

Next live will be

■2015 Dec 14(Mon) Shinjuku BLAZE
ROCKSTAR RECORDS PRESENTS"大激突" (Daigekitotsu - Big Crash)

〔Performer〕アヴァンチック / Devil Kitty / THE EGOIST / メアリィ / ベティ / Dear / ヴィジュアル系演歌歌手TAKASHI
Guest:SHAPE SHIFTER / 「c」【Vo.南條戮(chariots)、Gt.東條一咲(ex.VII-Sense)、Ba.北條迅(ex.UnsraW)、Dr.西條美景(ex.VII-Sense)】 / NINJAMAN JAPAN / Synk;yet / ギャロ / GELLONIMO 【MC】ヴィジュアル系演歌歌手TAKASHI&おたけ(アヴァンチック)

Also there will be a coupling tour with THE EGOIST:

2/28 SHIZUOKA Sunash
3/1 SHINSAIBASHI paradigm
3/8 Meguro Rockmaykan

More info on SHAPE SHIFTER's official website

As always, if you need anything feel free to message me ^^
See you soon
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