Long time no see! Report + New single!

Hello Koakuma!

I know, I should've done this blog post a LOOONG time ago but I never felt like doing it. Sorry!

Anyway, this is the report of the oneman.

There were two event that day. The first one was in the afternoon at Meguro live station and it was a talk event and a mini live in which they played 4 new songs. the other one was the One Man.
Let's start from the first one.

For the first event the ticket was on sale that day at the venue, we just had to buy Torikago to have the ticket. So, my friend and I, went in Meguro in the early afternoon waiting to enter. When we got into the venue there was a lot of chairs so we could sit waiting for the beginning of the live. On the stage there were instruments and a long table. When SHAPE SHIFTER went onstage, they were dressed in a really different way than usual! Z had a short hair wig, I have to say that I prefer when he has short hair! You can see the pics on their twitter account. They talked about a lot of things, about the songs and we laughed a lot!
Then they started playing the 4 new songs and I LOVED THEM SO MUCH!!! I hope they will release soon a full album with all of these song because I really loved them all! Two of those songs will be in the next single, it will be on sale on CDJapan (go at the end of this entry for the link to cd Japan)

THEN! The one man!!

First: Z has a new costume and is amazing, with really long nails, and white wig with this long black dress with a black corset! Zcoirx made the custom.
Takuya has a new hairstyle and he is really cool.
SHAPE new image 3
(Click on the image for a bigger size!!)

During the live, they played basically all of their songs and all the new songs. Also, Z sang an unplugged version of 渇きの扉 Kawaki no Tobira, that will be in the Type B version of the single (I love this version). During the live we laughed, danced and sang a lot! I really had so much fun! At the end of the live they played a couple of songs two times for the video that will be on the Type A of the new single! So, if you'll buy the Type A you can see a tiny bit of that live!

The next one man will be in December for Takuya's birthday!

Now next single!

2016/10/12 RELEASE

Atype [CD+DVD]
Track list
CD:1.枯れた瞳 - Kareta Hitomi 2.哀しみの記憶 - Kanashimi no Kioku
DVD:LIVE CLIP2曲(Digest of Meguro Rock May kan one man August 9th)
[Price] ¥2,000+tax


Btype [CD ONLY]
1.枯れた瞳 2.哀しみの記憶 3.渇きの扉(Unplugged ver.)
[Price] ¥1,500+Tax


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See you soon


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