Z's blog translation June 2nd + Next lives

Hello Koakuma!

Here is the translation of Z's blogpost, you can read the original post here

Z and Takuya will have a mini live and a talk in a music program, it seems that everyone will be able to see it! I posted the link on Twitter, on the Facebook page and in this post!

Here's the translation:


Internet TV music program [Kurowosetto's secret~SECOND SEASON~]

Two Saturday a month at 19:00 Live broadcast open to the whole world!!

※ Visual Key guest artist will have a mini live and a talk about music

MC : 詩那(Shina)
Assistant: TAISHI/Lara

★ Program official home page:

The 22nd broadcast... June 11th 2016 (Sat) from 19:00
「梅雨前線そっちのけスペシャル! 」 Ignoring seasonal rain front special!
<Guest >
SHAPE SHIFTER http://www.shape-shifter.jp/
高松敬(刺四) http://www.sus4web.net/pcindex.html

In this program me, Zsama and Takuya will have performance☆
Shina-chan is a friend from the olden days, it will be really fun but I will be careful not to drink alcohol (laugh)

It seems it will be viewing and studio viewing☆


This was the translation! ^_^

NEXT LIVE! (Come back here, on Twitter or Facebook for info about Z's live this summer with a couple of session band)

■June 5th(Sun)Ebisu club aim
「freak's parade」

〔Performer 〕SHAPE SHIFTER / More / 怪人二十面奏 / ※Session band!

E plus from March 27

three man

Thank you for reading

See you soon

ps: I have to finish translating another blog post, I know is a long time that I have to do it XD sorry, I promise I will finish translating as soon as possible

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