Live Report - May 20/ Meguro RockMayKan

Hello, Hello Koakuma!!!

What's up?

I went to SHAPE SHIFTER's live in Meguro yesterday. In this event I really liked a group called DOAK, check them out because they are really cool!

Shape Shifter are really talented and they made a cool live, as always. Takuya is really smiley and funny! You should see his expression when he plays ヽ(´∀`)ノ You can really see that he's having fun and that he loves what he's doing! Z yesterday put all of his soul during the live, it was really emotional... the 19th was the second anniversary of the death of K from Moi Dix Mois, and he talked about it, they were really close to each other, they were basically best friends and when Z started talking about him after "Kanjyou Ame" his voice was broken...everyone were really moved.

This is the setlist


Next live will be June 5th at the club aim in Ebisu

three man

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