Jin leaving SHAPE SHIFTER. Updated with Jin's blog translation (March 25)

SHAPE SHIFTERのベースとして活動してきた北條迅が4/12 高田馬場AREA公演を最後に脱退する事となりました。

SHAPE SHIFTER'S bassist Houjou Jin will have his last performance on April 12 at Takadanobaba AREA.
to all the people who supported us and were looking forward to future activities with 5 members, to all the authorized people we apologize for the great truble.
Please keep supporting us from now on.

I translated Jin's blog post, you can read the original post HERE


In accordance with the other day’s announcement

On April 12 (Tue) at Takadanobaba AREA will be the last performance
And I will retire from SHAPE SHIFTER.

I'm sorry this is not a good announcement

but I have thought many times over now if I should write out my feelings

I really can't seem to find any good words

And since I don’t want to cause missunderstanding

I have no words to say like "I'm sorry" or "thank you"

I shall convey myself only on that note.

only 4 lives left until the concert where I leave

Please treat me well

I wish all the best to Jin for his future project

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