Shape Shifter live report and Coupling tour with Misaruka

Hello Hello Koakuma!

What's up? The other day I went to SHAPE SHIFTER live in Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST. It was an event with many groups and all of them are really good.


They played two new songs, one of them doesn't have a title yet but the second one is called 鳥籠の中で (torikago no naka de - Inside a birdcage)
I am really bad in describing song but I will try XD the first song is like.... do you know the kind of rock-metal songs that makes you do headbanging?It's that kind of song (I told you I am really bad in describing song... ), really different from the songs that we heard until now. The second song is more... calm but is not a ballad or a relaxing song, more like... Doukei i think...
I am so sorry I am trying to describe you the songs but I really can't do it, I deeply apologize! XD
They had the Demon outfit.
Unfortunately Z had a cold and he had to stop a couple of times in some of the songs because the voice didn't come out! I felt so sorry for him but he just laughed and kept singing! he danced and had so much fun on stage. Takuya is always a smiling during the live and this is something that I really like in an artist! Obviously they are all really amazing musicians!

I just noticed on their official website that they just added some new lives. They will have a coupling tour this summer with Misaruka, the last live will be at the club aim in Ebisu and it will be a two man, also they will sell a collaboration cd, that they will sell during the tour only at their lives, also at the final date in Ebisu they will have a photography event and for each dates at the end of the live there will be a session band with the SS and Misaruka together.

I will write more information about it when I will have time to translate everything!

Next live is

April 6th(We)Shinsaibashi paradigm
心斎橋月下雷鳴 (Shinsaibashi Gekka Raimei)

〔ADV/DAY〕¥3000/¥3500(+ Drink)

If you need any other info feel free to ask

See you soon
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Jin leaving SHAPE SHIFTER. Updated with Jin's blog translation (March 25)

SHAPE SHIFTERのベースとして活動してきた北條迅が4/12 高田馬場AREA公演を最後に脱退する事となりました。

SHAPE SHIFTER'S bassist Houjou Jin will have his last performance on April 12 at Takadanobaba AREA.
to all the people who supported us and were looking forward to future activities with 5 members, to all the authorized people we apologize for the great truble.
Please keep supporting us from now on.

I translated Jin's blog post, you can read the original post HERE


In accordance with the other day’s announcement

On April 12 (Tue) at Takadanobaba AREA will be the last performance
And I will retire from SHAPE SHIFTER.

I'm sorry this is not a good announcement

but I have thought many times over now if I should write out my feelings

I really can't seem to find any good words

And since I don’t want to cause missunderstanding

I have no words to say like "I'm sorry" or "thank you"

I shall convey myself only on that note.

only 4 lives left until the concert where I leave

Please treat me well

I wish all the best to Jin for his future project

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Zcroix and other things...

Hello Koakuma!

I wanted to write this post long time ago but I had too many things to do and I never had time to write, Anyway, today I want to talk about Zcroix and SHAPE SHIFTER news.


As you probably already know, Zcroix is Z's brand. At the moment there are only a few products but next week they will release more. Also around the 20th of March Zcroix will open a shop for overseas order, click HERE for the link.
If you go to the Japanese shop you can find the products that they are seeling, what do you like? I would love to buy the Zcroix phone case and the T-shirt. On their Official Twitter account they posted this pic:
Nuovi prodotti!!
It seems that this are some of the new products that they will start selling from next week! I can't wait! What would you like to buy? What would you like to see on the website?
Write me on twitter or facebook, I want to know your opinion!


Probably you already know that, but the 2nd single has been released at the end of February and, if you don't live in Japan, you can buy it on CDJapan, click HERE if you want SHAPE SHIFTER's second single.


SHAPE SHIFTER will make a collaboration single with Synk;yet called 「恵比寿月下雷鳴」 (Ebisu Gekka Raimei)

01. 憧憬 / SHAPE SHIFTER feat. 莉希-liki-
02. [Re:]birth / Synk;yet feat. Z


I think it will be on sale only the day of the live with Synk;yet on March 15, there will be special cheki and a photography event. written in red there's translated something that Jin wrote on his blog

March 15, 2016
Combination cheki& Photography event information

▼「SHAPE SHIFTER vs Synk;yet Combination cheki selling」Info▼

1 (shuffle) ¥500

※Once person can buy up to 10 cheki
※In case of additional purchase you will have to stand in line again.

▼「SHAPE SHIFTER vs Synk;yet Combination photography event」Info▼

If you will buy SHAPE SHIFTER x Synk;yet collaboration single [Ebisu Gekka Raimei] (1.500 Yen) and the combination of cheki and you will spend more than 5000 yen, you will have a ticket for the photography event

※The member will be on both sides only.
※Please tell the the staff the name of the member at the moment of the photography event
※Refrain from specific pose
※Personal delivery of presents is accettable.
※When you are standing in line please follow the instruction of the staff.

Next live will be March 15 @ Ebisu club aim
SHAPE SHIFTER vs Synk;yet Two man 「恵比寿月下雷鳴- EBISU Gekka Raimei」

〔Performer〕SHAPE SHIFTER / Synk;yet(Each band 60min on stage)

■A: From Nov 1st 2015, Each band sell them (No.1~50shiffle )※Up to 3 ticket a person
■B:Band Reservation
■C:Same day ticket

【Entrance order】

[Information]EBISU club aim TEL:03-5422-6657

Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook

Thank you so much for reading this!
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