Acoustic live report 29 Jan (Z様+Takuya)

Hello Koakuma!

The other day I went to the acoustic live
Acoustic live
I really love going acoustic live, unfortunately it doesn't happen so often to have the chance to go.
Today there was just Takuya and Z, if you want to see a couple of pic you can check our facebook page!
The set list was
2. コスモス(山口百恵)

They played a song called Cosmos and during the MC Z said that they really like it! this one ->
Z voice is always AMAZING!!! I had the chance to see him acoustic with art cube a couple of times and... I always say that his voice touches my heart...

the MC

The MC was really funny. Z had a "book" with him with the songs that they had to play in it. He had printed the words of the songs and he said that when he saw it, he realized that the character were too little and he couldn't read the lyrics so he had to write again the lyrics by himself so he could read them (I know I doesn't sound so funny reading it here but it was XDXD).
After that he turned the page and he said "OH! I took the wrong songs!" And he looked and Takuya but he couldn't do anything XD then he turned the page again and he found the song and he said "oh I just had to turn again the page" XD

I really loved this live and if you have the chance to listen to SHOHEI's songs do it, he is really an amazing artist!

The next live is February 3rd in SHIBUYA REX!

bye bye
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