Zcroix and K.MOKOZKE

Hello Koakuma!

Yesterday night Z revealed that he has his own brand now called Zcroix, I suggest to follow this new brand'S twitter account here he also made a website Zcroix official website and is written that the debut will be the 29th of February! I don't know what he will do, what do you think? What do you expect from Z's brand?

Also he announced that he designed stamps for LINE, this stamps are really cute and you can find them here, this little thing is a tiny eyeball demon and can't wait to jump to the human world, we can't wait to know him XD He made a twitter account even for this -> K.MOKOZKE Official Twitter


I will start translating what it will be written on this accounts so check Koakuma's facebook page and Koakuma's twitter account

Thank you Koakuma!
See you soon
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