Acoustic live report 29 Jan (Z様+Takuya)

Hello Koakuma!

The other day I went to the acoustic live
Acoustic live
I really love going acoustic live, unfortunately it doesn't happen so often to have the chance to go.
Today there was just Takuya and Z, if you want to see a couple of pic you can check our facebook page!
The set list was
2. コスモス(山口百恵)

They played a song called Cosmos and during the MC Z said that they really like it! this one ->
Z voice is always AMAZING!!! I had the chance to see him acoustic with art cube a couple of times and... I always say that his voice touches my heart...

the MC

The MC was really funny. Z had a "book" with him with the songs that they had to play in it. He had printed the words of the songs and he said that when he saw it, he realized that the character were too little and he couldn't read the lyrics so he had to write again the lyrics by himself so he could read them (I know I doesn't sound so funny reading it here but it was XDXD).
After that he turned the page and he said "OH! I took the wrong songs!" And he looked and Takuya but he couldn't do anything XD then he turned the page again and he found the song and he said "oh I just had to turn again the page" XD

I really loved this live and if you have the chance to listen to SHOHEI's songs do it, he is really an amazing artist!

The next live is February 3rd in SHIBUYA REX!

bye bye
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Zcroix and K.MOKOZKE

Hello Koakuma!

Yesterday night Z revealed that he has his own brand now called Zcroix, I suggest to follow this new brand'S twitter account here he also made a website Zcroix official website and is written that the debut will be the 29th of February! I don't know what he will do, what do you think? What do you expect from Z's brand?

Also he announced that he designed stamps for LINE, this stamps are really cute and you can find them here, this little thing is a tiny eyeball demon and can't wait to jump to the human world, we can't wait to know him XD He made a twitter account even for this -> K.MOKOZKE Official Twitter


I will start translating what it will be written on this accounts so check Koakuma's facebook page and Koakuma's twitter account

Thank you Koakuma!
See you soon
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Ikebukuro Edge Report + Next live info

Hello Koakuma!

I'm so in late, sorry! I should've done it the other day and then had so much things to do XD Sorry!

Anyway here is my report, me and my friend arrived at the venue around 15.00 but it was too early so we decided to go to eat something. I took a pic of the poster outside the EDGE


The live started around 16.30 and SHAPE SHIFTER was the third group to play and the setlist was:

M-01.憧憬 - Doukei
M-02.感情雨 - Kanjyouame
M-03.渇きの扉 - Kawaki no tobira
M-04.闇裂く羽 - Yamisakuhane

They used the "human" outfit.
They were awesome as always, Tomoka wasn't there because she has Influenza, during the MC Z talked about it but he talked a bit too fast for me and I didn't understand everything but basically he just said that, even though they are demons, Tomoka has influenza :D
Usually Tomoka is in the right side of the stage, this time Takuya took her place and Jin stayed on the left.
I really loved this live!

Next live will be an acoustic live, the 29th of this month. There will be only Z and Takuya.

2016.1.29 (Fry)
Meguro Live Station
SHOHEI 主催 acoustic-夜想会-

ヤマト(Light Heart Thinking)&雅彦
Eye Sight
Co-g.(D'angerRap) with SHOHEI

open 17:00 / start 17:30

pre-order2400 /same day2900

If you want the ticket you have to send an email to


Thank you for reading!

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Doukei 憧憬 Aspiration [Translation]

Hello Koakuma!!

Aaaand!!! The translation is finished!! Thank you so much to my dear friend Sarah, because she helped me a lot!

Doukei 憧憬 Aspiration




貴女の現在 失しなったものの代わりに
抱きしめ(て) この羽をあげましょう 

I gaze at the incoming clouds that seem as though they will cover everything before long
I can't fly anymore, I spread my hurt wings

aspirations that have shielded the sky
deny everything

I will gather the sorrows that make you cry
and send your painful tears to the sky so that they will be stolen away

I have lost you now, but in return
hold me close, and these wings will soar

If you want to use this translation PLEASE credit my blog!
Thank you
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Shape Shifter in Osaka and Nagoya January 10/11 + Next live

Hello Koakuma!

January 10th SS went in Osaka for an event, the set list was

M-01.憧憬 - Doukei
M-02.盲目の僕 - Moumoku no Boku
M-03.渇きの扉 - Kawaki no Tobira
M-04.闇裂く羽 - YamiSakuHane

They went in some CD to give their poster and flyer you can see the pic on facebook or twitter

Yesterday they went in Nagoya, I don't know the set list yet but I think is the same one that they had in Osaka, yesterday night they posted a tweet on their official twitter account, I posted the translation on twitter so I will post it here too

SHAPE SHIFTERのゲストで入場した数人が

Today at the Nagoya performance
Several people who entered as guest of SHAPE SHIFTER
during "Panorama Kyokou Zenon" live had no manners in the hall creating a lot of trouble not only to the members but everybody.
From now on those kind of things don't have to happen again.
We are really sorry

I wasn't at that live so if I will have any other news I will let you know, I am working on the translation of Doukei, I will post it here when it will be ready!


DNL Present's-Breaking Bad

〔Performer〕SHAPE SHIFTER / GAGA / シビレバシル / DOAK / Nihilizm / パノラマ虚構ゼノン / THE BLACK SWAN / REIGN


●B Ticket : from10/30(Fri) on e+

【Entrance order】WEB→e+→Same day ticket

〔Info〕EDGE IKEBUKURO(03-6907-1811)

Thank you Koakuma
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