Z blog post translation "Art Cube Disassembly" (Dual Core Summit)

Hello Koakuma!
I translated the Z's blog post in which he talked about Dual Core Summit! You can read the original post here
The title is "Art Cube disassembly"
Thank you so much for reading my post!!

To all of you who enjoyed Dual Core Summit, thank you ☆


I had too many presents, thank you ☆

Also, thank you for the letters full of love☆

That was perfection right?

It was the Zsama Summit ~ (laugh)

I almost was the leading actor ((๑Z(ㅂ)様))و✧


I woke up early in the morning

And I checked many times the clothing

and I went to Rockmaykan with a cheerful mood

First I had rehearsal with Art Cube!

This time was Art Cube disassembly live

With confidence I brought together the drummer Hayato-kun and Kaz-kun's strength to complete [the group].

From the rehearsals MAX tension raised for a great start !!!

Live's preparation continued

Big session band's rehearsal

Perfect group of music instrument ☆ once again MAX tension (laugh)

After that

SHAPE SHIFTER's rehearsal

The best finish and the rehearsals ended

This time human shape!


The president tomo-chan was making fun with the god of thunder [God of Thunder = Z](Laugh)

[I] not defeated by such a cruel treatment

The pink hair's God of Thunder depart to the stage!

On the set list there was the new song

Kanjyou ame ☆

Wonderful right? ~♪♪♪

Is a good song ~☆

Look forward to the release!!!

The feeling for the last tokyo live this year was

Z-sama kawaiii, the chorus was popular (laugh) [Kawai=cute]

SHAPE SHIFTER was so much fun!

Returned to the dressing room Z-sama changed for Art Cube

After a long time [i wore] the white horn!

Z foto blog 2

I wrapped up my body in this dear costume


Said that it was yellow?

I'm sorry (laugh)

Is antique white!!!

Don't misunderstand a wonderful color with a color that turned yellow (laugh)

We took pics

Click click!!!





In this condition

Art Cube started!!!

In this last special stage I really enjoyed myself

From the beginning of the first song 秘憎愛~Love and hatred~
even the assembly hall had fun raising the fist!

During Pain~Wing...with N-san stability there was an intense involvement!

As always it followed a slow MC

During暁の舞 [Akatsuki no mai] flutter folding fan (laugh) [During Akazuki no mai everybody dance with a fan]

I really liked the spectacle of everybody fluttering [the fan]!

During虹化鏡 the strength were mustered and the fist were raised~

The last one was 失楽蝶 (Shitsukarkucho)

But Art Cube

Haven't finished, this is not over yet!

Something unexpected…

During the last song we had some problems (laugh)

In the middle [of the song], from Z-sama point of the word [of the song]

suddenly stopped!

But after finishing saying something

One by one [to every member]we restarted from the guitar solo

This last became splendid and warm production!

N-san, Hayato-kun, Kaz-Kun, Thank you ☆

S-san who came to see us, for the first time on the opposite side but it was fun (laugh)

Thank you ☆

But… still more to come, Z-sama is busy!!!

Next,change the costume for the big session band

[I made] The hair stand on end ☆

Z blog post

Like this!!!

Is an annual event that I get along with!

And yet this time there's the pal appearance!

Blog post fine

Reassuring ~(laugh)

Because until now I did it alone ~

Of course, the performance closed with a great climax!

This was really a great day, I enjoyed it with all my heart

Rockmaykan Director pepe-san [told me that] it seemed really fun until the end! (laugh)


It was fun☆

I love you!!!

Thank you ☆


Ok, this was the translation!
Thank you Koakuma!
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