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Hello Koakuma!
My friend Sarah, translated Z's blog post. It was taking me forever to translate it, so thank you for being so fast XD. Anyway I really want you to read this! Thank you Koakuma <3

The sudden formation of SHAPE SHIFTER, Art Cube, Enka, and the other named band's activity…

Art Cube's activity has stopped, but I think there are people who are worried about the various activities I'm doing. I want to express everything about myself to you.

But I don't know if this is something I can write entirely correctly…

I'm going to just spit out all my thoughts inside of me fright now so I'll be able to compose myself more perfectly for next year!


The year before last year at the beginning of the year, I have always enjoyed going back to Hiroshima for new years every year for several days and then returning to Tokyo.

There were some affairs with my father; when I was about to go I got in contact with my family and I heard from them that my father was in poor physical health.

After that for several days I thought about doing something that would make him happy.
My family had something that I could do my best at music-wise that could help him out — we remembered that my father loved Enka.

From there I got acquainted with THOGO-kun, an acquaintances in various industries, and I had an earnest talk with him about how I wanted to perform singing Enka.
From there we decided to proceed with doing a performance…

Speaking of which, from the next day…and on, and from the next months forward I didn't do anything else but that.
I've got costume preparations and song preparations, right?
Time went by kind of like that.

I spent my time doing this and that…

I was contacted by my mother and she told me that my father had a successful operation, and he would be doing his best in rehabilitation.
In accordance with the image I had of my father, I thought if he could exercise from the start and continuously work really hard, then with all his might he might be able to recover quickly.

However… the results were disappointing; he relapsed and had to have surgery again.

And then, we were told if it was a success he should be able to keep on going for a long time, but

In the second half of November he went to Heaven when he was approaching his birthday that was to come several days later.

A few days before my father died, I got a phone call from my mother…
Mom "Can you come home?"
Me "I'm sorry, I have an Art Cube photoshoot in a few days and I have to prepare for it."
Mom "ooh, sorry. Its fine, its fine."

With that said, she hung up making me worried

A few days after I got a phone call from my sister as she was crying…
Sister "Can't you come back? Its dad…he doesn't know me anymore…"

and she said…

the death word; his mind has gone

I was feeling impatient because of the various responsibilities I have to do, like caring for my dogs, so I asked someone I knew near by to take care of them and early the next morning I went to Hiroshima

My sister's husband picked me up and brought me to the hospital, but my heart couldn't understand what was in front my eyes.

I wondered when I arrived at the hospital if my mother and sister would have tears streaming down their faces…
With a tender expression I was shown in.

The figure of my father that I saw laying down on the hospital bed was was not how he looked smiling at New Years.

I couldn't bear having conversation with my father, I couldn't even talk with my hand overlapping his, but… by the pulsation of our overlapping hands my father's words were transmitted.

After that I heard various stories and worried remarks from inside the hospital told to my mother about my father's state of affairs and unexpected things that happened when he was in rehabilitation.

The thing I was most surprised about was that my father would boast about my band activities.
He said "My son went on a European tour and hes in a DVD!" (laughs)
Then after that, someone prepared the DVD for him at the hospital in his rehabilitation room on a big screen so they could show it while he was doing physical therapy.

That night I wasn't able to keep the voice crying out in my heart silent.
With hands overlapping tears just flowed down my face…

That night, concerning the leader of the other named band in which I'm active in…
My father contacted him to say "Thank you for giving me something I could boast about in my neighborhood concerning my son!"

A few days prior that leader had even gotten in touch with me when it happened and immediately came to me with his own response.
Maybe he didn't go to sleep like me…

From the leader as well, I got a 'thanks for coming into my life!'
with him saying that…the tears wouldn't stop.
Until I told this person to stop, he was determined to get his point across to me.

Then a few days later my father passed away and with the end of his funeral service I returned to Tokyo.
The next day we finished up the Art Cube photoshoot.

Then from the next day we worked on the CD Jacket and since we were integrating it with the booklet I started facing my computer screen to create the booklet.

And then with the Art Cube anniversary live and the other named band's live in December…
I wondered how I would be able to smile at a time when I was so tired.

Would I be able to smile skillfully…?

Then before we got through the year
I got word that one of the Art Cube members would retire…

I immediately understood.

But the label representative Tomozo-kun got mad that I understood so quickly.
He said they can't stop.

I had no intentions of restraining them.
Because this was my friend before he was an Art Cube member (laughs)
He should be able to decide for himself where he wants to go and what he wants to do with his life…
Art Cube would still go on with it's activity unchanged, not having any less fun during lives as we went out to meet everyone.

So then we welcomed a new year

The other named band's leader's birthday live was sold out!

We even planed an additional live in May!!

…However, that May the support Gu. kng-kun who participated in Art Cube as well went to heaven.

It was so harsh…
We spent so much time together for nearly 10 years…
Whenever we went on tour we always shared the same room together…
I have too many memories to be able to write an article about.

It had been a year and a half since my father died.

Thereafter, it was around the time the memorial live had ended
I remember the junior guitarist-kun often being near to me.
And then I often went out drinking and having band conversations with those guys.

After that, with one member retiring and one not being there, Art Cube decided to go on hiatus.

With the other named band's activities being my only focal point for lives at that time, I returned to my home town Hiroshima and took business trips to Tokyo to have conversations with Igarashi.

Several months later I went from [hanging out with] Igarashi, to returning to Hiroshima and from not going out to being left in Tokyo…
If I put a band together I couldn't return to Hiroshima, so in the middle of the night I had conversations making offers.
I remember all the members got together probably in the middle of the night too.

This meant I had to start work on my new Z-sama project…but there were various circumstances for me to make the band perfect and as it was my project I made the first official announcement.

I was really happy to say I did the first sponsorship of SHAPE SHIFTER and that I could go up in front of everyone and sing again with my own band.

I am really grateful to the current members for gathering by my side.

Also as SHAPE SHIFTER's vocalist, the amount of lyrics I've been writing has been increasing.
Should I also add the lyrics I didn't write until recently…
Lately it seems like once again I'm having a hard time just expressing myself once I've started writing lyrics, and as I rewind to painful memories I feel myself coming up with nothing making it so I can't advance in writing.
Then again after a little bit more time it becomes something totally different from what I want to convey… But I think this is something that derives of writing methods.

Of course as for Enka, I decided I will continue on with what I have been trying so I can see my mother and my father who has died smile again.

Art Cube had their disassembly live on the 22nd.
However, since everyone in the group is friends I have been talking about if we should have a concert together again if everyone would like to get back together (laughs)

Also, I aim for my highest goal to be the voice and expressive person for the leader of the other named band.

So, everyone…

Watch over me a little more…

And please come into my life. [be there for me]

"Let's to see a beautiful scene together."



Next live info

2015 Dec.22(Tue )Meguro Rockmaykan

〔ADV/DAY〕¥3500/¥4000(+ D)
〔Preformer〕TRIGGAH / SHAPE SHIFTER / アカシジア / GENGAH. / Art Cube / Others
※Like every year there will be a last session band?!

9/30よりSHAPE SHIFTER Shibuya club asia Pre-sale (A1~A100)
10/3 E+ ticket sale
※Band reservation ticket not available

[TIcket entrance turn ]
1.Pre-sale ticket
3.Same day ticket

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