Next live goods + New songs + p.s.

Hello Little Demons!

How are you today? Today I want to talk about a couple of things!
First: Z is writing the lyrics for the new songs and they are already recording something, so I think that we will know something about another release soon!

At the next concert there will be some new goods, you can read the original announcement in Japanese here Igarashi Official Blog

this is the translation:

[Halloween only goods]

10/28 limit 20 set

Halloween restriction [koakuma 4 point set] (4000 Yen)

[Set contents]

1.Halloween limited edition scrunchie
2. 10 photos (A/B 2 set)
3. Small pic from instant camera X 2 (past and that day pic of a specific member)
4.Halloween original card signed by the members

If you win you will get (I think that if you buy the set you have the chance to win those items)
※a personal effect from a member and 1 instant pic (Chance of winning 1/4)

[Goods on sale summary]

◆ 1st Single『雷鳴-RAIMEI-』¥1,000 (just a few copies)
◆ Scrunchie (logo black version) 1.500 Yen
◆ That day Instant camera pic:
Random: 500 Yen
If you want a specific member: 1000 Yen
◆Photo set
A/B/C/D Set each 1000 Yen

Scrunchie BLACK

Scrunchie, Black version On sale from 10/28 1.500 Yen


Scrunchie, Halloween limited edition (it will be on sale ONLY AT THE 10/28 LIVE!!!)
You can buy this in the Koakuma set and it will be on sale only at the 10/28 live

If you will go to that live let me know! If you want to have information about the schedule click here English Schedule and check Shaper Shifter official website Shape Shifter HP

If you want you can follow us on facebook and twitter (you can find the link on the left column), if you want to send me a message feel free to do it! Scroll down the page, you can send me a message from the form on the left column you can also use twitter and facebook ^^

See you soon
Elettra ^_^

ps: The scrunchie are designed by Z
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